1973       DAYS OF DESTRUCTION A mile long fissure    opens early one morning on the outskirts of a fishing village in the Westman Islands. The film received the Gold Medal at the Atlanta International Film Festival 1973.

1990        ICELAND WHALING On whales, whale hunting and whale watching

1993        ARCTIC GEESE IN ICELAND On the five species of geese to be found in Iceland

1993        SURTSEY ISLAND 30 YEARS The birth and evolution of a volcanic island.

1994        WILD BIRDS ON THE REYKJAVIK LAKE 1994: The first in the series Nature in the district of Reykjavik, which is primarily meant for children.

1995        EIDER AND MAN The relationship between the eider, a charming wild seabird, and humans, and how both benefit from it. ”Merit award for Presentation of Wildlife/Cultural Interrelationship” at the 20th IWWF 1997 in Montana USA.

1997         ICELANDIC WATERS A three episode series for The Icelandic Marine Biology Institute.


      A documentary on the Puffin, its life cycle and breeding habits. ”Merit award for Presentation of Wildlife/Cultural Interrelationship” at the 20th IWWF 1999 in Montana USA,

      NESJAVELLIR. Making of a geothermal power plant, for Reykjavik Power Company.

2001         PLACES FARAWAY A three episode series (52 min. each)
TONGA, in practice the last royal monarchy in the world.
KENYA, nomadic customs and wildlife 
NEPAL, A land of geographical extremities, the people and wildlife.

2001         WLDLIFE IN REYKJAVÍK Four short (15 min) educational films for the City of Reykjavik.

2001         THE ICE AGE HORSE. 52 min. documentary about the evolution and life of the Icelandic horse. First price for "Man and the natural world" at Wildlife Europe 2001, in Sweden, three Merit Awards at IWWF in Montana, and III. prize in the category "Man and Nature" at Matsalu II Nature Film Festival in Estonia, 2004.


      A four episode series (10.min each) on nature in the Reykjavik district.

2003          INSTRUMENTS IN ICE. Music video. An abstraction in and around ice, with two musicians and a music composition.

2003          WORLD OF SOLITUDE. Documentary about the magnificent and fascinating Highland wilderness of Iceland.
Received 1. Grand Prix - The Stork Nest Award in the documentary film category at European Environment Festival - Green Wave – 21st Century, in Bulgaria. And at the Ninth International Environmental Film Festival, “Green Vision” in St. Petersburg 2004 the prize for the best film in the nomination: For the Courage in Making an Environmental Film

2004           KJARVAL. Documentary about Johannes Kjarval Sveinsson the grand master of Icelandic painting in the mid 20th century.

2005           LIVING WITH DEMENTIA. Documentary of an elderly couple facing the developing of Alzheimer disease.

2006   KIRKJUTÓNLIST. Documentary on Icelandic religious music.

2007  TWO ISLAND SOCIETIES – Tetanus Infantum. Documentary, partly staged, on the communities in the Westmann Islands and on St. Kilda in the North Atlantic.

2008   MAN AND EIDER - A story on the relationship between the eider and humans and how both benefit from it. The birds are protected by the farmer who collects the down, a valuable product.

2008   WONDERS OF WATER – A film about one of the most amazing substances on earth – water – in all of its varying magical forms. “Encouragement Award” at the Japan Wildlife Film Festival in August 2009 for Wonders of Water

2009        EXPERT SURVIVORS, CORMORANTS AND SHAGS – Cormorants are found on all the continents of the world. Wherever man can survive, cormorants too can live, provided that they have access to open water. The Film received a Honorable Mention for Educational Value at the 33rd International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula.

Páll Steingrímsson


        Born in the Westman Islands, where he founded and  ran a school of visual art for several years before going into films.

        Co-founder of the Icelandic Film Makers Association and chairman of the board for a time.

Education: Graduated from the Icelandic School of Pedagogy 1951. Literature and biology at the University of Pedagogy in Copenhagen. 1962. Visual art at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen 1963. Filming at the Film Department of New York University, 1972.

Pall Steingrimsson has been fully engaged in films since 1973 as writer, producer, director, cameraman or editor, both independently and in cooperation with various companies. In 1993 he founded KVIK Film Productions together with the artist Ruri. The company’s main emphasis has been on the production of nature, science and cultural documentaries, with the interrelationship of wildlife and human beings often the common denominator.

Páll Steingrímsson's films have gained recognition on an international scale and have received numerous prizes at film festivals.  Also he has received many honors, among these the Honorary prize of the Edda Festival in 2005, the Reykjavík City artist 2005, and the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Falcon.

About us


        THE COD In recent years, research has  shown that the Cod possesses talents that we never have credited it for. New knowledge is causeing a turning point in our access to this remarkable ocean dweller.

                 THE ARCTIC TERN, in the series "Four Bird        Stories". The Arctic Tern uses more  daylight hours than any other creature in the world, enjoying two whole summers each year. In a lifetime, a thirty year old Arctic Tern that nests in the north regions of the Atlantic will have flown a distance equivalent to that of flying to the Moon and back three times.



        BIRD OF WISDOM, THE RAVEN, in the series "Four Bird Stories". Documentary on the raven, a bird renounced for intelligence and holding an important position in both Icelandic folklore and the ancient Nordic religion.  This film was nominated for an award at Green-Screen in Germany 2011

2013         THE FLIGHT OF THE WIMBREL                    In the series "Four Bird Stories". Documentary on the Wimbrel, following its migration from Iceland to West Africa.


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