In recent years, research has shown that the Cod possesses talents that we never have credited it for. New knowledge is causeing a turning point in our access to this remarkable ocean dweller. The Cod senses- and creates sounds, and can be called "to dinner" with underwater sound signals. We also witness modern Cod fishing.

Year of production: 2010

Duration: 48 min.

Director: Páll Steingrímsson

Author: Páll Steingrímsson

Camera: Björn Ómar Guðmundsson

Editing: Ólafur Ragnar Halldórsson /Páll Steingrímsson

Sound mixing: Ólafur Ragnar Halldórsson

Music: Þórður Högnason / Grettir Björnsson / Bragi Hlíðberg

Narrator: Martin Regal

Format: HD

Ratio: 16:9

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The Cod

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