Welcome to a world of solitude, the huge and endlessly fascinating area of the east Central Highlands of Iceland. A story told by Magnus Magnusson KBE, on the necessity of preserving the Icelandic highlands.

Year of production: 2003

Duration: 52 min.

Director: Páll Steingrímsson

Author: Páll Steingrímsson / Magnus Magnusson KBE

Camera: Friðþjófur helgason

Editing: Ólafur Ragnar Halldórsson

Sound mixing: Ólafur Ragnar Halldórsson

Music: Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

Narrator: Magnus Magnusson KBE

Format: HD

Ratio: 16:9

WORLD OF SOLITUDE. Documentary about the magnificent and fascinating Highland wilderness of Iceland.
Received 1. Grand Prix - The Stork Nest Award in the documentary film category at European Environment Festival - Green Wave – 21st Century, in Bulgaria.

And at the Ninth International Environmental Film Festival, “Green Vision” in St. Petersburg 2004 the prize for the best film in the nomination: For the Courage in Making an Environmental Film

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World of Solitude

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